Workshop: "The Craft of Speaking"

August 8, 2017

Meet Professor Emeritus Inger Lindstedt of Malmö University, who is the author of the book “The Craft of Speaking” (original Swedish title: Talarens hantverk - Att göra framgångsrika presentationer).

This two-afternoon workshop is designed especially for women professionals who want to master the art of effective public speaking in their work environment. This is a different skill to class presentations.

Why do we listen more to some people than others? What are they doing that captures our curiosity and affects our actions? At a time when so many channels can be used to communicate a message, oral presentations have to compete for attention. They must be sharp, use digital technology and images in an efficient manner and be professionally conducted. This workshop is about just that - how to make effective and successful oral presentations to your work colleagues. Professor Lindstedt will provide advice, support and practical knowledge of the entire process, from planning and preparation to the actual performance.

An opportunity just for WMU Women's Association members (and the staff).