World Maritime University Women’s Association (WMU WA) Charity event

December 4, 2020

From the time of the establishment of the WMU Women's Association in 2014, one of its ambitions has been to support local charitable foundations. The "Skåne Stadsmission" (City Mission) has been the recipient of a large gift of clothing each year, collected, sorted and packaged by the WMU WA.

The City Mission is a non-denominational institution that offers professional support - both emergency and long-term - to local citizens who find themselves in desperate need. It addresses homelessness, poverty, the special needs of the aged and the young, work integration and help to newly-arrived refugees in times of need. The gifts from WMU WA will either be used as direct help in particular cases, or to be sold in the Mission's second-hand shop for fund-raising.

The "Skåne Stadsmission" representative said “For the first time Skane Stadsmission has received donations of this quantity which set a record of 60 bags compared to 10- 15 bags in previous years“, He further thanked WMU WA students for the neatly organized and sorted donations.