Regional WIMA associations


Since 1988, the International Maritime Organization (IMO), as a United Nations specialized agency, launched a programme for the Integration of Women in the Maritime Sector (IWMS). The programme facilitated the launch of regional associations for women managers in the maritime and port sectors. To-date, the following Women in Maritime (WIMA) associations have been established:  

Pacific Women in Maritime Association (PacWIMA)
established February 2004 / re-launched April 2016 

Network for Professional Women in the Maritime and Port Sectors 
of the West and Central Africa region
established February 2007

Arab International Women’ s Maritime Forum for MENA and Africa
established July 2007

Association for Women Managers in the maritime sector of 
the Eastern and Southern Africa (WOMESA)
established December 2007 

Association for Women Managers in the Maritime Sector, Asia (WIMA-ASIA) 
established January 2010

Forum for Women Managers in the Maritime Sector, Latin America
established March 2012

Women in Maritime Caribbean Association (WIMAC)
established April 2015